• Installing electrical wiring and cables for new construction or renovation projects
  • Replacing or repairing faulty electrical outlets, switches, and light fixtures
  • Installing ceiling fans and other electrical appliances
  • Upgrading electrical panels and circuit breakers to accommodate increased electrical demands
  • Troubleshooting and repairing electrical problems, such as tripping breakers or flickering lights
  • Installing outdoor lighting and security systems
  • Conducting safety inspections and recommending electrical upgrades or repairs to prevent electrical hazards


Commercial electricians generally handle the installation and maintenance of electrical components in businesses. This includes office buildings, housing developments, hospitals, and schools. These typically involve security systems, air conditioning systems, cabling, lighting, and other equipment.


Industrial electrical work involves the installation, maintenance, and repair of electrical systems in industrial settings such as factories, warehouses, and other industrial facilities. This work may include installing and maintaining electrical equipment, such as motors, transformers, and generators, as well as designing and implementing electrical control systems.

Industrial electricians must be knowledgeable about electrical codes and safety regulations, as well as skilled in reading and interpreting electrical schematics and blueprints. They must also be able to troubleshoot electrical problems and perform repairs as needed.

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  • Fixed appliances
  • Stationary appliances
  • IT appliances
  • Moveable appliances
  • Portable appliances
  • Cables and chargers
  • Hand Held appliances

Our Most Popular Services

Fault Finding

Fault finding can be a complex and time-consuming process. Our skilled technicians use the latest technology and years of experience to quickly and efficiently diagnose and fix any electrical issue. Trust us for effective and reliable electrical fault finding.

EV Charger

EV charger installation is crucial for seamless electric vehicle ownership. Our expert technicians ensure an efficient and safe installation, customised to meet your specific charging needs. Trust us for reliable, high-performance EV charging solutions.


Lighting installation is an essential aspect of building design. Our professional team provides customised lighting solutions, expertly installed to enhance the ambiance and functionality of your space. Trust us for top-quality lighting that meets your every need.

Outdoor lighting

Outdoor lighting enhances the beauty and safety of your outdoor spaces. Our team provides custom outdoor lighting solutions, expertly installed to suit your specific needs. Trust us for top-quality lighting that illuminates your outdoor spaces perfectly.

Consumer Units

Consumer unit installation is crucial for the safety and efficiency of your electrical system. Our expert technicians provide professional, high-quality consumer unit installations, customized to meet your specific needs. Trust us for reliable and efficient solutions.

EICR Certificates

EICR certificates are essential for ensuring the safety and compliance of your electrical system. Our experienced technicians provide comprehensive and accurate EICR assessments, ensuring that your electrical system meets all necessary safety regulations. Trust us for quality EICR services.


Data installation is essential for modern businesses and homes. Our professional technicians provide expert data installation services, ensuring efficient and reliable connectivity for all your devices. Trust us for top-quality data solutions that meet your every need.

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